Whats wrong with your/our food system- an 11 year old tells it like it is.

It is still not too late for us in India. Lets do what we can right now to stop the hideous trends towards industrial farming, genetically modified foods,processed foods, pesticides and fertilizers in all agriculture that will  eventually kill us.

Bottle Gourd Chutney - Doodhi Chutney


This is an easy to make tasty chutney which lasts about a week in the fridge.


125 gms doodhi / bottle gourd

125 gms green mango

25 ml oil

50 gms coconut, grated

25 gms green coriander, wash well, dry and chop

25 gms green chillies, chop

5 gms rai /mustard seeds

25 gms salt


Prepare the ingredients. Peel and chop the bottle gourd and the mango. Dry roast the grated coconut .

Fry the bottle gourd in 3 tbsp of the oil till cooked. Grind all the other ingredients in a blender till smooth and add the fried gourd. Blend well till it becomes a paste.Do not add water.

Heat the rest of the oil and pop the mustard seeds. Pour this over the prepared paste. Mix well.

Yummy with rice or chapathis, idlis or dosas.



How to keep herbs fresh


Pune has become a place of plenty. Earlier on about the only fresh herb one could get was green dhania ( coriander) in generous bunches.Now you get fresh Thyme, Parsley, Flat leaf parsley, Basil, Sage and Marjoram , even though the bunches are quite slender.

One of the problems about fresh herbs is that they don't stay fresh very long and soon become a sodden mess when kept in a plastic bag in the fridge. Unless you go veggie shopping everyday, these herbs need to be replenished frequently, and sadly the day that I need one or the other I find a green mass of what looks like seaweed in the said plastic bags instead of  the nice, springy, fragrant leaves I want.

To circumvent such utter disappointment I have taken to freezing my herbs.

Blanch-herbs Herbs-in-ice-waterPack-herbs

All you need is lots of ice, a large bowl and a wire basket  in the same size as a pan.I use a 6 " pan and and a 6" wire basket.

  • First remove any wilted or damaged bits from the herbs , then wash them in cold water. Tie them into tiny bunches .
  • Now bring a pan of water to the boil. When it is giving off a good amount of steam hold the bunch of herbs in a steam/wire strainer/ basket over the pan and  blanch them for  1 minute.
  • Immediately remove the bunch and plunge into a bowl of ice water.
  • Shake of f the excess water and pack in a clean plastic bag and tie.
  • You can now store them in the freezer for individual use. Tada...herbs at hand everyday!