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Brooklyn Shuffle - Restaurants In Pune

Situated in the up market Koregaon Park area, Brooklyn Shuffle Diner is fortunate in its location. It is part of the lovely “Sanskruti” complex on the seventh lane, set amongst three old style bungalows and a large and pretty garden. The restaurant is welcoming and attractive. A large parking lot adds to the appeal considering the space crunch in Pune and the ever looming threat of “traffic police” trawling quiet roads, ready to haul off your car, never to be seen again.


The décor is eclectic. Red and blue rexine covered sofas and black and white checkerboard tiled floors, reminiscent of a 50’s American diner, is mixed with white brick walls decorated with baseball bats and mitts and a large picture of Billie Holliday. A cheerful outdoor seating area comprising of what looks like a reading room is interspersed with details like a vintage Leica camera and other references to the era.

It is all very hipster and smart yet comfortable and pleasant at the same time. The clientele seems to match. A modelling photo shoot is in progress as we seat ourselves in the large, high ceilinged room overlooking the gardens.

The menu

Brooklyn Shuffle 3

Burgers, Subs and sandwiches are the main attraction on the menu. Grilled corn, potato wedges, Spanish omelette, chicken nuggets and fish fingers, those olde familiar favourites form the opening section. Some interesting Burgers listed are with combinations such as mushroom and brown rice, paneer and oats , a Moroccan chicken burger and a lamb burger marinated in cumin and spice and served with feta cheese and yogurt. Among the subs the Vietnamese Banh Mi style chicken sub and the Prawns Po’ Boy sub sounds mouthwatering with deep fried maize battered prawns in a remoulade sauce nestled in a soft roll.

The sandwiches

The sandwich menu has 11 classic choices. Vegetarians can choose from Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, the Roast Pepper and Bocconcini , the Three Cheese Toast or the Veg Brooklyn Club . Non vegetarians have a larger choice- familiars like Roast beef, Egg and chicken, Turkey, Ham and Cheese amongst others.

My companions, all the way from Brooklyn, New York, U.S. of A have been here before and order their favourites, the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and Ham and Cheese. I go for the Veg Brooklyn Club . Our orders come charmingly arranged on individual wooden, painted trays, with French fries in a metal bucket, onion rings and a tossed salad on the side. The sandwiches are generously sized and we have to manouevre them into our mouths. The filling for the Club is a mixed vegetable mash made of carrots, potatoes, peas and garbanzo beans in the first layer and cucumber, onion and tomato slices in the second layer. It reminds me a bit of a cutlet filling with green chutney spread on the toasted bread. The Ham and Cheese has back bacon and a slice of cheese and is a bit dry. “It would benefit from a dash of sauce” says my fellow diner. The Pulled Pork sandwich is polished off and pronounced “good” with the caramelized onions, but “just a trifle soggy”.
Brooklyn Shuffle 3

The onion rings are perfectly crisp in the Panko batter and juicy inside, the French fries outstanding and while the menu states that each order is served with coleslaw, we get a tossed salad with a few leaves of iceberg lettuce and sliced black olives and a balsamic vinegar dressing. Nothing to write home about.

Signature /vegetarian:

We are told that the most popular sandwich on the menu is the Roast Beef served with mayo and French mustard.


The bread is freshly baked in house, every day. Whole wheat and white for buns, rolls and sandwiches. All the other ingredients are locally procured including the cheese, ham and bacon.


The watermelon juice I ordered was a little thin and watery. I would have preferred a thicker more textured drink but there are not many to choose from. The menu could do with some smoothies besides the ubiquitous tea and coffee.

Insider tip:

Try the baked cheesecake for dessert. It is “Just as good as ‘Juniors’   in Brooklyn”, says my friend, who adds fervently, at the end of the meal, “If I had to take people out for lunch I would bring them here!”


390 Sanskruti Lifestyle Complex, Opposite Post 91, Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001.Tel : 8657419724


11.30 am- 11.30 pm


Sandwiches between Rs 180-280. Meal for two Rs 1000


Quality: 8

Choice: 5

Provenance: 7

Atmosphere: 9

Value: 8

Originally published in BBC Good Food, India

Kaleji fry i.e. my vittles


What has upheld you on your way ?
What has supported you when faint ?
On what have you for strength relied ?
"My vittles, " said the dear old saint.
- G.S. Bryan

.....a statement which would be heartily seconded by R who, being on the receiving end of many haute cuisine experiments, tends to relish the simple and hearty meal such as Kaleji fry with chaawal and achaar i.e. Liver 'N' Onions with pickle and rice.

So here it is, my version, with accompanying 'How To' photographs for the beginner cook.

Kaleji Fry, or Liver'n' Onions.



1/2 kg sheep's liver sliced into pieces 1/2 inch thick.
6 onions chopped fine lengthwise
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 tablespoons fresh coriander, chopped
2-4 green chillies,optional, depending on how hot you like your food. chopped fine
1-2" piece of fresh ginger, grated
6-8 cloves of garlic
1 heaped tsp ground cumin
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp fresh ground pepper
( 2-4 green chillies) optional,
Juice of 2 lemon.2 tablespoons water.
1 tsp salt



Chop the onions into fine slices.


Heat the oil till just below smoking point ....


..and fry the onions .
You can also dry fry i.e. sweat the onions in a thick cast iron pan.


Fry on a medium fire.
Stage I. They begin to split from the half circle into long pieces.


Fry onions  till they begin to brown a bit.
Stage 2.


Fry for 15 -20 minutes till brown. Stage 3.


As the onions are browning get the rest of your ingredients for the marinade together; grate the ginger, chop the coriander, grind the cumin seeds and pepper with a mortar, squeeze the lemons.


Add coriander


Add chopped garlic, ginger, cumin and pepper powder,chillies,


.. and lime juice along with 2 tablespoons water.


Puree to a fine, smooth paste in the blender.


Chop the liver into 2" pieces about 1/2 " slices  thick.


Add the liver pieces to the paste .


Mix well and marinate for 1/2 hour to two hours.
( Just as much time as you have. The longer the better of course.)


The onions should now be nice and brown.


Add the marinated liver to the onions and fry for
five minutes till the colour changes.Now add all the remaining marinade juices,
cover and fry for 8 minutes till almost dry.

You can also add 1/2 cup of water to make a wet gravy which is nice if you eat this with rice.

Finally garnish with coriander and... tada...serve!


This also tastes great with chapatis or bread.