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Peanut Brittle- Peanut chikki

Foxtail Millet Sambar Rice





Foxtail Millet Sambar Rice


¼ cup Timbaktu Organic Foxtail Millet Rice or finger millet

¼ cup Timbaktu Organic Tuvar Dal + Masoor dal

4 cups of chopped vegetables

( Small baingan/aubergine

Carrot, Beans, Ash gourd/ any Pumpkin, Drumstick, or  any other vegetables)

2 onions chopped

5 tomatoes

3 tbsp coconut grated.

1 tsp Timbaktu Organic Peanut Oil

1 tsp Ghee

1 tsp mustard seed/ rai

1 tsp udad dal

Pinch of hing

2 sprigs curry leaves

½ tbsp  sambar powder, roasted

1 tbsp Tamarind pulp(optional)

1 ¼-  ½ cup water

1 handful coriander leaves

Salt to taste



Wash the foxtail millet and the dal and set aside. Grind the tomatoes and coconut together.

Heat the oil and ghee in a pressure cooker and add mustard seeds, hing and udad dal. When they pop add the onions with a bit of salt and sauté till soft. Add curry leaves and sambar powder. Give it a stir then add the tomato coconut mixture. Cook for a few minutes. Now add the millet, dal and vegetables. If the tomatoes are not sour add the tamarind pulp now as well. Add the water.

Cook for three whistles on a low flame.

Your sambar millet rice is done!

Serve with another dollop of ghee for added deliciousness.

Recipe courtesy: Uma Shankar