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How to make your own Sun Dried Tomatoes

Rai ki Chatni-Mustard Chutney


1 tablespoon dark brown/black mustard seeds

2 red chllies

1/4 cup grated coconut

Tamarind paste made from a marble sized ball of tamarind ( Soak in two tablespoons water and strain  after 15 minutes)

2 tsps gur / jaggery

 3 curry leaves

A pinch of hing /asafoetida

A pinch of salt

1 dsp oil


Heat the oil and saute the mustard seeds  till they pop and  red chillies and curry leaves.Take the seeds , leaves and chillies out of the oil. Now fry the coconut till golden brown.

Put all the  fried ingredients into a blender along with the tamarind paste, gur, hing and salt. Whizz together for a minute. Your chutney is ready.

Superb with fish  or on a ham sandwich.