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How to make your own Sun Dried Tomatoes


In that good old tradition of the DIYer, when I couldnt get sundried tomatoes for my pasta and the only supplier was a thousand miles or more away, I decided to make my own.

A quick trip to the market produced a haul of three kilos of red, ripe tomoatoes. Carefully chosen each one was perfect without bruises or any signs of over ripeness.

Coming home I washed each one well and cut them in half from top to bottom, removing the green bit near the stem . Then placed them one by one, pulp side up with a bit of space between each half, on cake racks which I put on top of the oven racks.

Finally I sprinkled some 2 tablespoons of ground sea salt on the halves.There was just enough space in my oven for two kilos unfortunately so the last kilo has been used for a salad.

With the oven at 100-120 degrees F  the tomatoes dried out slowly over the next 14 hours( done in two periods of time).To keep the oven at this low heat level I had to keep the door ajar through the entire drying time.Some of them got done earlier and I removed them from the oven.

Two kilos of fresh tomatoes made 150 gms dried tomatoes. Dont they look fabulous? Can't wait to try them in some wonderful dish the results of which I shall share later.

A few tips:

Choose only ripe tomatoes.

Wash well and remove any part that has become over ripe or bad.

Use only sea salt on the tomatoes.

Do not put in a hot oven as they will cook not dry.

Store in a zip lock bag.

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