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Maha Chicken

Pearl Barley and Banana Brekker- Breakfast Day 2

I am already feeling a little invigorated after some weeks of healthy stodge or very little anyhow. Lots of vegetables and  plenty of water.The best thing is I am not hungry or deprived.

The  following is going to be a good start to DAY 2 of the Delicious Diet:


25 gms pearl barley

1 banana

1- 2 dried figs

Cook the barley in 1 glass of water for 8 minutes till almost dry. Slice the banana into a bowl and top with the cooked pearl barley . Sprinkle the chopped figs on top.

This is sweet enough without sugar due to the figs and the pearl barley takes some dedicated chewing ( I love the texture of PB)  so you feel you've had a big breakfast after this.