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Spinach and Cucumber Pasta- Dinner Day 1


Spinach pasta

You can happily add more green chilli or red chilli flakes to this recipe to give it have a bit of pizzazz.

Ingredients for 2

100 gm uncooked pasta

100 gms spinach

1 tsp olive oil

1 green chilli

5 cloves garlic

100 gms onions

1 / 200 gm cucumber

4 medium to small tomatoes

1 tsp mixed dried herbs ( like oregano, dill, basil and thyme for an Italian flavour)

2 rashers of back bacon without the fat.

1.Cook the pasta and reserve some of the liquid.

2.Defrost and cook the bacon in a microwave. Pour off any fat and cut into small bits.

3.Wilt the spinach in a pan. ( Cook without water) .When soft chop it up.

4.Heat the oil in a non stick pan and fry the chilli, garlic and onions till soft. Add the chopped cucumber and the herbs and saute for 5 minutes.

5.Add the the spinach and chopped tomatoes and cook together covered for ten minutes till the tomatoes have become pulp.Add half a cup water and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the bacon and season with salt and pepper.

Spoon over the warm pasta and serve immediately.

The cucumber gets a bit sour with the addition of tomatoes...and tastes a bit like a mild gherkin . Rather nice when combined with the saltiness of the bacon.

This is so filling it hardly feels like diet food.

Cottage cheese and ham salad -Lunch Day 1


Cottage cheese and Ham salad
The main thing about dieting for people who like to cook and people who like food is that the diet should be fun to prepare and the dishes should taste different....every single meal , every single day.

Here is a quick lunch I made this afternoon.

Ingredients for 1 person

2 heaped tablespoons home made fresh cottage cheese

1 slice of ham

200 gms lettuce leaves, iceberg and rocket

6 basil leaves

1 tsp of lime infused olive oil

Salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Take 1/2 litre of skimmed milk and bring to the boil. Add 1/2 cup yogurt at boiling point and stir. Two minutes later add the juice of half a lemon. As soon as the milk splits give it a stir or two and remove from the fire. Strain and let stand for a few minutes while preparing the rest of the salad. 

Wash and tear the lettuce leaves into bite sized pieces. Tear the ham into bits and add to the salad. Tear the basil leaves and mix into the rest. Now add the cottage cheese, salt pepper and oil and mix well.

Eat with a slice of wholemeal bread.


Delicious dieting - Nachni dahi -Ragi , Yogurt and Apple Breakfast Day 1


Now that the penny has dropped the pounds will too.

I mean really, I  have been living dangerously.Five year of freaking out on food....tasting everything under the sun and then making a meal of it.Too much of a good thing.The pounds have piled on, the double chins, the apple shape, the puffing, the panting, the whole caboodle of being overweight.

Now I have to pay for my sins- that's the way its supposed to go ....right? Wrong! This is going to be an unadulterated joy, a triumph of the taste buds , a ..ok so its going to be better than diets usually sound.

Join me in a  month or more of delicious dieting.Share my day to day recipes  based on a low cholesterol diet of 1200 calories a day.

I allow myself 5 cups of tea or coffee a day with a little sugar and two pieces of fruit.

Also add 6 glasses of water to the daily intake.

Mentioned up front is the need for exercise, toning and cardio which will make that bod get fit.You dont want to be trailing skin.

Nachni and apple breakfast


1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon ragi flour /nachni atta

1 apple grated

2 tablespoons dahi/ yogurt made from skimmed milk.

Boil the water and add the nachni flour. Cook for a few minutes until the mixture has thickened.Take off the fire.

Mix in the yogurt and the grated apple.

You can add a pinch of salt ,sugar or jeera powder to the nachni when it is cooking if you'd  like some more taste. I love this just the way it is though.The crunch of the raw apple, the nuttiness of the warm nachni and the cool smoothness of the yogurt make a great start to a healthy,busy day.