Bhopla Che Bhaji-Lal Kadu Sabzi- Red Pumpkin Vegetable
Sheengdana aur Hari Mirch ki Chatni/ Peanut and Green Chilli chutney

Hot Korean Chicken and Sprout salad


This was the menu at the monthly family food morning with Mohini . Friends now attend the cook fest and we all tuck in to a good lunch when the food is ready.

200 gms Channa or Mung Sprouts- steamed

1/4 kg cabbage shredded

1 tsp olive oil

1 thinly sliced carrot

3/4 cup cooked chicken julienned

1 onion chopped fine

1 large capsicum

2 medium Green lemons cut fine


2 tbsp brewed vinegar

2 tbsp lemon juice

4 tsps sugar

1/2 tsp salt or to taste

1 thai red chilli chopped fine or

3-4 green chillies chopped fine

2 tsp crushed garlic

1 tbsp Fish Sauce ( optional)

Mix all these sauce ingredients and keep aside.

Heat  1 tsp olive oil in thick wok. Saute carrot first for a minute. Remove with slotted spoon. Now put in the cabbage and cook till reduced to 1/3 of original amount and it stops sizzling.Remove. Add one more tsp oil and saute onion and capsicum till onion loses its rawness. Add chicken and cook till oil seperates from onion.

Mix all the vegetables and serve warm with the sauce  and the lemons seperate.You can also make an altogether seperate chilli sauce if you find this too chilli hot for all.