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How to make healthy fresh juices

Papaya smoothie

1. Always choose good quality fruit and vegetables for juicing. Discard anything that looks even slightly old or rotten .
 2. If you still find some fruit or vegetables that have discoloured or mouldy areas just cut them out of the whole with a generous margin.
3. It is preferable to use the skin of the fruit or vegetable. However, much produce available today, especially if it is out of season, is likely to have been treated with some chemical to either ripen it or to retard the growth of pests. It is best to wash the produce thoroughly and if there is still any suspicion of chemical residue, skin the fruit or vegetable to be used.
4.Clean your juicer thoroughly in hot water before and after use.
5. Slice the fruit into lengths or cubes as appropriate.
6. Remove all piths and seeds before juicing.
5. Always drink juice fresh. Vitamins and other nourishing and healing qualities deteriorate on keeping.

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