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Ajmud, Radhuni, Celery Seed ???


" P.S Can you believe it? !! India is the largest producer and exporter of celery seeds in the WORLD and we cant get a stick of decent celery nor can we get the oil, seeds or salt readily in the shops. I have been going around asking for Ajmud NOT Ajwain ...no luck."

That was from my post on Green Pea soup .

Update on search for celery seed At last I have found a good substitute for celery seed in Radhuni at a grocery shop here. Nobody here knows it by the Hindi name Ajmud. It has a taste that is closest to celery and you need just a very tiny pinch as it has a strong flavour.

  Radhuni is actually the dried fruit of Trachyspermum roxburgianum. Synonyms :Apium involucratum, Carum roxburghianum, Carum involucratum, Trachyspermum involucratum and is known in French as  L'ajmud des Indiens, in Filipino as malungkoi or kanuikui, and in Thai as phakchi-lom.

Ref: The World  Spice Plants, Seidemann Johannes