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Hyderabadi Chicken in 15 minutes- Murgh Hyderabadi

There is no Hyderabadi recipe I know of that takes less than an hour to prepare especially if it includes meat or poultry. While being, in principle, against fast food I have no problem with cooking a meal as fast as possible.

One secret is to keep the masala mixes ready or the curry base fried and frozen.The main ingredient remains fresh and all that is required is to simmer it with any other fresh ingredients till done. Another trick is to use a ready made masala paste.


Parampara makes an excellent Hyderabadi Chicken Paste among other good pastes. Everyone who has tasted this dish, loves it. It works best with chicken drumsticks as the masala permeates the chicken flesh in a very short while.

Wash 300-500 gms of chicken and place in a shallow pressure cooker with a cup of water. Mix a pack of Parampara paste into the water. Cover, put on  pressure weight and cook for two to three whistles. Turn off fire and allow to cool enough to remove the weight and open the cooker. You can garnish this with fried onions and fresh green coriander. Serve immediately with hot chapathis, naan or rice. Yummy.