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Apple Marmalade

This recipe is from my trusty "Household Book of Domestic Economy" printed in 1866.

Peel and cut thirty apples in slices, taking out the core, and if for preserving to every pound of fruit put three quarters of a pound of broken sugar, ( but if for immediate use half a pound would be quite sufficient,) place the whole into a large preserving pan, with half a spoonful of powdered cinnamon and the rind of a lemon chopped very fine, stirring it occasionally until boiling, when keep stirring until becoming rather thick, it is then done; if for immediate use a smaller quantitiy would be sufficient , which put by in a basin until cold, but if to keep any time put it in jars, which cover over with paper, and tie down until wanted.

I suggest using 7 apples, (approximately 1 kg of apples) and 1 kg of sugar unless you want a shelf full of apple maramalade. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder and a quarter teaspoon of lemon zest.Boil till the sugar sets and bottle in sterilised jam jars.