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Health is Wealth- Recipes for Neem and Wheat Grass juice

How we love proverbs, axioms and aphorisms in India. Every day I see some wonderful saying , emblazoned on the side of a hill, cut into the rock, or painted on an overbridge, framed in a doctor or dentists waiting room or handpainted on banners hung from some building, written for the benefit of the commuter, wanderer or loiterer, anyone who has the time to read and possibly exclaim- "How True!" Or better still, " I have waited to know this piece of truth my whole life ."

We are a nation of aphorists and I cannot excuse myself from being one too.We assert our truths with conviction. And part of this conviction comes from a belief , however mistaken, that he/she speaks from some higher ground, intellectual, moral or spiritual. Which in this democratic day and age makes many sayings quaint or, sadly , even comic.

We can never underestimate the strength of the cliche. At worst it is clumsy. At best it can touch your heart. As I found in 'Moulin Rouge" the film by Baz Luhrman. Even if people use these terribly common terms, it does not always come from an empty place.That is when the cliche becomes real.

I wondered where this love of the adage, almost a national trait, came from. My belief is that most people think they are on a journey to discover the Ultimate Truth and wherever they are on the road of life they want to share what they have learnt. Something succinct sounds credible.Written in a language other than our mother tongue it sounds like a cliche.But truthfully, these sayings are deeply felt and meant.

The butcher, the baker, the grocer and fishmonger all have their own maxims pasted or posted on their walls. Some of which I have become quite fond.
Here are a few of my favourites.

Aphorism of the Day at City Bakery


Quotable quote

'Prevention is better than cure" is among the TOP TEN adages to be seen in India. In the light of the fact that allopathic medical treatment is out of the reach of the average citizen, both in terms of distance and pocket, it makes a great deal of sense.

On quitting the RWITC Race Course ( the one open space close by with entrance free to all ), after the daily walk, I notice something of interest opposite the rows of cars and two wheelers parked outside. A neat table with several jugs and glasses and a big banner.The sound of ice and liquid being poured is magnetic after a 5 km walk in 30 degree C.
Coming closer this is what I see. Health juices on sale, set up on the sidewalk like a Charlie Brown lemonade stand.

Health Juice

Jadhav from the Kalpsha Juice Centre has the following seasonal juices for ' All morning walkers, Prevention is better than cure, Keep fit, Health is Wealth" . His leaflet assures us this is -"Natural Way to remain Ever Fresh" and "There are no side effects we are not adding any essence or preservative and this is only natural "Swarasa 'Juice"
He has tables at Anandnagar, Salisbury Park, Sun City and Salunke Vihar as well, and a steady, growing clientele, glad for a cool and healthy drink after their exercise. He says the following juices, have medicinal properties, as listed on his bright pink pamphlet, (given unedited below) .

"Neem Juice - Good for diabetes, Chronic Fever, Cough, Dysentery, Skin Diseases, Liver Stimulant and purifies Blood.
Karela Juice - Good for diabetes, Indigestion, Chronic Fever Pancreas stimulant.
Tulasi Juice and Fundina- Good for Heart, Cold, Cough, Asthma, Controls Cholesterol. Purifies blood.
Ginger Lime-Goods for Digestion, Gas Trouble cold, Cough, Ant spasmodic, Join Pains ( rhumatic arthrics)
Awala Juice-Rich with Vitamins "C", Useful for Eye, Hair and Heart, Good appetizer, Acidity, Peptic Osteo Arthritics Gynealogical Problem, Stoppage of white hair and Rejuvenation.
Kokam Juice-Useful in summer skin Diseases, Anti helmatic, Rakta, Pitta shamak and keeps the body cool.
Jamun Juice- Good digestive drink. Control burning sensation, Boils and Skin Problem,specially good for diabeties.
Fresh Wheat Grass Juice-Good for Cancer, Blood Pressure (High/Low) Acidity, Asthma, Piles and also Anamea.
Carrot Juice-Rich with Vitamin "A" and nutritios for Health and Eye sight.
Belpatra- Good for increase Haemoglobin and purifies blood. Good for weakness and eyesight.
Lemon Juice- as a digestive to reduce fat and reduce constipation.
Wheat Grass Juice- In cancer , anaermic, as a brain tinic and a general tonic for the bod."

I think the last phrase says it all "a general tonic for the bod."

Look out for links to these juice recipes from this page. Meanwhile , since this is a food blog and my poster, may I end with this thought:

"What is patriotism but the love of the good things we ate in our childhood?"-Lin Yutang.

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