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Strawberry Fields Forever


There is a glut of strawberries on the market this week and vendors with their colourful produce, neatly arranged in circular mounds are to be seen everywhere. Strawberries in baskets behind cycles, on the pavement, balanced on the head, in the malls...unbelievable. I can recall a time when strawberries were to be found only in the wild, in the hills ,and then, only by the hardworking or the obsessed.You can guess under which heading my friends and I could be classified.
With such abundance one can be irreverant. The strawberries can be mashed and moulded into  a dessert , a delicate pink concoction...a pretty and fluffy ending to a good meal.



2 egg whites
1/4 tsp salt
12 gms / I tbsp unsweetened gelatine
30 gms/ 1/4 cup honey
350 gms/ 2 cups strawberries, mashed in a blender till smooth
(25 gms/ two tbsps double cream)

Beat the egg whites with salt (and a pinch of cream of tartar if available ),  till fluffy and in the soft peak stage.Dissolve gelatine in  warmed honey. Add the gelatine and honey mix to the strawberries. Mix well.Slowly add the mash to the egg whites while continuing to beat, adding as much air to the mixture as possible..When it becomes a light pink and holds it shape, spoon into bowls and chill till set. Top with a dollop of cream and /or a slice of strawberry.Serve straight from the refrigerator.