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Maharashtrian Cookbooks

Sometimes it takes a tourist to alert you to the treasures of your own town. In this tale the tMarathi_magsourist is a foodie called Uma ( one time owner of a tiny restaurant in Pune called Tiffin Box) and what she revealed was a trove of cook books and magazines, all in Marathi, in the heart of the  textbook district of the old city, in Budhwar Peth. Budhwar Peth is also the Printers Row of Pune and the place where wedding cards are produced in the millions for Indian couples about to tie the knot all over the world. I go there once in a while to pick up supplies of handmade paper and this time I followed Uma's trail to the Marathi cook books and  magazines. After going through several of them recipe by recipe and after testing some of them out, here is my  list of the best available :

Marathi Cookery Magazines

1. Ruchi Paalat.
     Published by-Anand Mudranalya
     6 Tatya Gharpure Path
     Cross Khadilkar Path
     Mumbai 400 004

2. Chatpateeth:
        Published by-Vasudha Prakashan
        Dwara Prasad Book Stall
        2 Matriprem, Gorancha Dawakanachi Gully
        Ashok Sthambh, Nasik- 2

3. Annapoorna.
     Published by Vinayak Joshi
     12, D.D. D. Sathe Marg
     Mumbai-400 004

Marathi Cookbookss:

1. Humkhas Paaksiddhi-  Jayshree Deshpande
     Published by:Nitin Gogte
     Nitin Prakashan
     1646, Tilak Road
     Near Tilak Smarak Mandir
      Pune- 411 030

2.Annapoorna- Mangala Barve

3.Ruchira  in 2 Vols- by Kamalabai Ogale
    Published by- Mehta Publishing HOuse
    1216, Sadashiv Peth
    Near Perugate,
     Pune 411 030

In English

1.The Essential Marathi Cookbook- Kaumudi Marathe

   Published by Penguin Books India, November 2009


Mini Cookbooks

1.Aajicha Vividh Koshimbiri- Premila Patwardhan
    Pub: Rohan Prakashan
     Dhawalgiri Shop 5 &6
     430 Shanivar Peth Near Police Chowky
     Pune 411 030
2.Puri, Polya, Bhakri ani Parathe- Priya Sanjay Naik
    Pub: Sanjay Salvi
    Akshay Prakashan
    180 Shukarwar Peth
     Pune 411002
3.Gawar, Bhendi v Vangyache Padarth- Priya Sanjay Naik
   Pub: Sanjay Salvi
   Address as above.

The most amazing find has been a cookbook for vegetables grown in the wild. About greens and aroids mostly used by tribal folk, this has been written by Srinivas Gadkari, a bank officer from Pen, who credits his mother for his interest in cooking..not for the usual obvious reasons but for "being a working woman", this fact and hunger encouraging him to enter the kitchen without fear and allowing him experiment to his hearts content.

4. Raanbhajya- Shrinivas Gadkari
Pub: Supriya Sharad Marathe
    Navchetanya Prakashan
    New Gajant Co-op Housing Society Ltd.
    Block No. C/11, Tamajla, Kosambgonagar
    Under the Flyover, S.V Road, Borivli
    Mumbai- 400 072

Some of them are willing to share their recipes with readers far and wide so look out for some more interesting recipes from these brilliant books. Uma thanks a ton!