The Good of Grain-Rawa Kela Aur Gur ki Mithai
Ghati Mutton

What wine with Indian Food?

"Asian cuisines get scant consideration when it comes to wine.
If you ask about which wine to pair with Indian food, expect a one-word answer. Usually Gewurztraminer. Perhaps Riesling. Maybe Syrah.
An entire culture's cuisine to be paired with a single varietal? Ridiculous."

This article caught my eye because it addresses  a perennial problem. What wines go well with which kind of Indian food ?

Not that there is a great choice in India. But it is getting better, getting better all the time.If the government lifts the horrendous taxes on wine imports, as it promises to do in the very near future, we might even get to taste a Gewurztraminer with the Gobi. Or a Brunello with the Bhuna Gosht.
In anticipation of which ....Cheers!