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No Fizz in the Cola wars



The cola story has been simmering the last couple of years. Both Pepsi and Coke in India have been accused of containing high levels of toxic chemicals, far above the acceptable global norm. Sunita Narain of the Centre for Science and Environment has spent much time and energy on making this known to the public. A fallout of this has been the discovery ( probably well known to scientists and not that obvious to the media) that most water in India is contaminated for a variety of reasons. And I quote , "Contamination can enter the water bodies through one or more of the following ways:

  • Direct point sources: Transfer of pollutants from municipal industrial liquid waste disposal sites and from municipal and household hazardous waste and refuse disposal sites.


  • Diffuse agricultural sources: Wash off and soil erosion from agricultural lands carrying materials applied during agricultural use, mainly fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.


  • Diffuse urban sources: Run off from city streets, from horticultural, gardening and commercial activities in the urban environment and from industrial sites and storage areas.


It is quite likely that any water based drink is going to have an interesting composition. Including your homemade health drinks.

Most of us are not terribly concerned about what we ingest when it comes to fresh foods and water so long as it is cooked or boiled or washed very well. We presume that 'someone ' is looking after the fact that these are not poisonous. Wake up! It may well be lethal the long term, if not immediately.

This media war is one Pepsi and Coca Cola are going to have to join hands to fight together and to tell you the truth I cant be bothered whether they stay or leave, not being a great fan of cola or other fizzy drinks ( bar champagne of course).

What we should be looking at, with a microscope, is the quailty of water in general and what we can do, personally, to improve it. As with all such massive issues we must begin with recognising and acknowledging that we have a problem and it has not been created by Pepsi and Co. Let them go. We must stay and clean up our act.