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This morning I went visiting...all my favourite food blogs. It was a mouth watering journey, travelling the globe with glimpses of food, from David Lebovitz and Meg in Paris to Sam and Pim in California. By the time I reached Shuna, via The Accidental Hedonist who is always full of ideas, I was inspired to try making a fruit pie. With the incredibly detailed instructions given it had to be a winner.

With no icewater in the fridge I made a quick substitute of ice cubes and water. The cubes fell into the butter and flour mix as I was pouring it drop by drop into the bowl. Disaster! The dough became some sort of cream. It had to be frozen into a semblance of a shell in the pie dish.Then I baked it blind in a hot oven as suggested, with a lot of chick peas over a sheet of butter paper in place of pie weights, for 20 minutes. That turned out great. Next step.

Mango pulp was the only fruity ingredient at hand so that was the basis of the filling. 600 gms didnt seem quite enough so I added the top of the milk and about 300 ml of milk.Then 6 tablespoons of palm sugar instead of raw sugar, 3 tablespoons of flour and 1 of cornflour. Stirred all together it looked very fluid.After filling the pie shell there was no way the top was going to sit on the filling.So I baked the filled pie for 30 minues until it became firm and then attempted to roll out the dough for the crust.

Hells Bells if it didnt become cream again. I manhandled that dough till it began to behave itself and finally attached it bit by bit to the top of the pie. Back it went In the oven again for 20 minutes. It was nicely cooked but white as a sheet. Must have been the violent treatment it got at my hands.

In desperation I brushed some water on the top and finished it under the grill. Five minutes and it came out a nice brown.
Now it looked just about acceptable. But - it tasted delicious! The insides were runny and yummy and the crust was crisp and altogether wonderful.

I left the lemon zest out as the mango was tart enough and using the palm sugar gave it a great flavour.
Thanks for the inspiration Eggbeater.
A thought: one sliced mango instead of the milk in the filling and the consistency will probably be a bit firmer. Plus the pie could be cut into neater slices.