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A Time of Gifts


This week has been full of presents. Mostly food related goodies.


My daughter actually carried 2 kilos of Hyderabadi Biryani for us from ...where else but Hyderabad. Also Khubani ka Meetha from Paradise Restaurant , Kalakand from Pula Reddy and Ariselu from Abhiruchi.

Fish Roe Pickle

Sue, inhabitant of another subcontinent came to visit with all kinds of Gujerati delicacies including Mava Cake and then went out wandering in Pune to find a variety of tasty treats and got back some pungent Fish Roe Pickle found on Bootee Street, Pune but originally from Adi. K. Kolah in Tarota Bazar, Navsari. Made with fish roe pieces in vinegar, sugar, ground red chillies, mustard and turmeric it is very good. Kolahs also sell a lovely Brewed Vinegar, a Kerda pickle, Lemon Khajur Chutney, Mango Murabbo, Mango Chutney with raisins, a Pineapple Murabbo, an out of this world Gwod-Keri/ Sweet Mango Pickle and a delicious Prawn Pickle.

Rushina, of the cook books, (see previous post) came laden with Loomi, Lebanese dried limes which are absolutely aromatic and which she suggests using in a sabzi / vegetable made of mixed greens. I know it is used in a Kebsa Baharat , a kind of garam masala made in the Gulf. Kebsa is made of equal amounts of cumin, cloves, cinnamon, cardomom, coriander, nutmeg, black pepper, red pepper with a pinch of saffron threads and one and a half times the amount of loomi. I am going to use the loomi in a Murabyan, a Kuwaiti dish made with prawns and a fantastic spice mix.

The Hing

Finally-- wait for this....Hing/ asafoetida from Dehradun. This hing I have been waiting for, refusing to buy any of the local powdered, and often adulterated, variety. Those three pea sized lumps kept in an airtight plastic dabba are going to last an age with the kind of intense and heady tang they have.
The first thing I am going to cook with it is a plain old moong dal which is going to be elevated to sheer gourmetdom by the addition of this hing.

Thank you all!!