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Bhakri / Jowar Roti- Indian flat "bread"


Jowar Roti

A few posts ago I wrote about Jowar Bread thinking everone knew how to make a chapathi out of jowar (sorghum). But after receiving several emails I promised to write about making bhakri, that filling and tasty roti, made from jowar or bajri flour, which is the staple diet of most Maharashtrians, especially in the rural areas.

Two rotis are generally enough for 1-2 people.


1 cup jowar /sorghum flour
Pinch of salt
3/4 cup water

Put the flour in a wide plate or mixing bowl and add salt to it. Mix well.
Jowar dough

Now add the water bit by bit till the flour can be gathered up into a ball of dough.

The amount of water  required to do this may vary, so add the water a bit at a time. On a floured surface knead gently for a minute or so.There is no need to knead more ( ahah notice alliteration !) as with wheat dough.

Divide into two large portions.

Form round with fingers

Form into a thick circle   working with your finger tips with the patty between the palms of your (floured) hands. (If the flour is not fresh the dough starts cracking at the edges, so freshly ground jowar flour is absolutely necessary).

Jowar roti formed.

Turn out onto floured surface and continue to form a circle pressing it out with the finger tips. Make each roti about 8" in diameter.

Place on tava/ griddle.

Heat a tava or griddle and put the roti on it. After a few minutes the roti starts becoming opaque.

Sprinkle water on roti

Sprinkle some water on the surface by hand.

Turn and cook

After two minutes turn the roti around and cook on the other side for some more time.

Turn and cook more

Turn over twice more till the roti develops brown spots all over and becomes a lighter colour in between. Look at the pictures on top for reference as to when it is done.

Eat hot with butter and lasun chatni/ garlic chutney.
Makes 2 rotis.