HARA DHANIA KI CHATNI- Coriander Coconut Chutney
Pohe aur Matar/ Beaten Rice and Peas

Indian Blogs worth reading-Updated July 2008

Updated May 2008

In their own write-

A Drop of Elixir -Elixir is "OPINIONATED..Brainy,snobbish, goofy, funny, classy"

Absolute Lee- Absolute Lee -"The girl next door with a mind as wicked as the boy next door".

Anil's Weblog-Anil-"Geek, Programming, Ruby, Rails, technology and Me" (Pune boy gets special mention.)

Bombay Lives-Bombay lives in Qatar and gives you a picture of what life is there for Indians.

Caferati- "Caferati is a collaboration between a motley group of writers ....talk about getting published, books, writing, getting published, poetry, getting published, prose, theatre, and just about anything connected with the word, including getting published.."

Desipundit -  "This blog is set up to be the one-stop shop for the best that Indian blogosphere has to offer." Nice if you're in a hurry.

Domain Maximus- Sidin writes about "Life. Live. From Mumbai. Random Insane Mumblings. As seen on General NB, Dbabble. Mallu."

Global Voices Online At last, some more views of the World.

India Uncut- Amit Varma's take on the world of newsprint and media.

Trivial Matters- Akshay's photographs are worth loooking at- always


Sonia Faleiro- Musing from Sonia Faleiro, writer of a novel called "The Girl".

Sepia Mutiny

Yazad Jal-Yazad writes about everything worth thinking about..from art and literature, culture and society  to economics and education to science and terrorism.

Zigzackly's Omnium-gatherum