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Prem's Restaurant has been around since the 80's.He also began the first grocer shop stocking 'different' vegetables like celery, iceberg lettuce, brussel sprouts ( quite mangy ones to be absolutely fair) and broccoli (with a yellow tinge). At that time, the height of the Osho movement, he was catering mainly to ' foreigners' , the followers of Osho who, at that time ,were mostly from Europe , as the cult did not attract many Asians except ,perhaps , the Japanese.
They became more or less permanent residents floating down the Koregaon paths in orange or white robes.They were accepted in true Indian style, as hippies were accepted in the '60's.

Anybody who has travelled for over two weeks knows that initially one tends to react very positively to the local cuisine and then with memories and homesickness comes an overwhelming desire for the 'Taste of Home".

Prem,( meaning Love), being Punjabi ,had no idea what this taste meant to Europeans but having several friends from the ashram who possibly entered his kitchen to persuade his Nepali cooks to add a thing or two to the gravy , some kind of cuisine emerged. I wouldn't call it fusion cooking.

He now boasts 'Bazil'- a casual Italian Kitchen', "Indian Kitchen",( which has a good vegetarian choice besides the Tandoori section) "Chinese Wok' and "Continental". All available in the same place.The Continental is in a transitional state- Chillies in the brown sauce, amul cheese in the Mornay, cloves in the Hollandaise. But good.

We ordered the Pepper Lamb with (chilli),basil brown sauce , baked tomatoes, mixed vegetables and french fries


the Prawn Curry and Rice and -


Kadahi Paneer with Butter Naan.Huge glasses of fresh Mosambi juice went well with all of these dishes.

Today the courtyard at the back, where his restaurant is situated, is packed, especially on a Sunday, with people from all over the world who want a change of one kind or another.Indians who want to try "Western food" , Koreans who like the Chinese food, French who like the Indian food, and students who like everything as long as they can take their time eating it.

Since Prem's does not believe in quick service, you have time to enjoy the outdoor ambience while waiting and waiting and waiting for the food to arrive. Slow Food? Somehow it makes one feel welcome.

Lunch for three with drinks: Rs 650

Prem's Restaurant
North Main Road
Koregaon Park
Ph: 26130985