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Onam Sadhya-A Feast fit for Kings

What's cooking in India today?

Many of us look wistfully at other food blogs , or magazines,or papers, with picures of food we cannot possibly taste, for the simple reason that the ingredients are unavailable or the style of cooking unnattainable. Indian Chinese , which admittedly has become a cuisine belonging to a tradition of its own, quite seperate from 'real ' chinese food, was the best we could hope to taste.

But all that has changed and in some cities at least our choices have increased. I thought it would be nice to give some taste of what is available to those who'd like a change.

Spanish: A plateful of paella.

Mediterranian: Moshe


Far Eastern: Shiok

Italian: Roma Aroma

          The Italian Connection

'European' :Ofen


Thai, Indonesian, Japanese:  Tian

There are many more to add and I will be updating this soon.