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What day is today????

BLOG Day 2005 !! What did you think that little clock on my side bar was jumping about in anticipation this last fortnight?

Nir Ofir an innovation evangelist (don't you like that term?) had the brilliant idea of introducing new blogs to each others individual blog worlds. I see it as a kind of welcome handshake to new entrants and a smart kick into the orbit of this wonderful world of communities , without national or international boundaries. Nobody need be a refugee , an exile or an outsider.

So here's introducing Steffles of Foodcraft based in Singapore who has lots of practical suggestions and likes cooking 'just about everything' but has a distinctly Asian flavour in her choice of ingredients and treatment. Nice!

And Ammani of Chai Pani who has some great recipes for Indian food as well as Perpective who writes Luvbites from Bangalore India. And finally Rums who writes on Indian food in Life and Food

Enjoy meeting them!