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Eggs Maharani

Rachael Ray for a Day

This post is in response to Sarah's Dine and Dish #4 challenge hosted by Sam of Becks and Posh , reconstructed to allow for the exchange rate and lack of polka dotted bikini.

(Oopps the very first typo in the title...Rachael RAT for a day.With leptospirosis going around I guess its on ones mind. )

Now to tell you the absolute truth I have NO IDEA who RR is. Never seen her on TV and we have 70 channels. Seen Floyd, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Madhur Jaffrey, Julia Childs( reruns), some Aussie hare rama vegetarian cook (rather good) ,Yan , Tarla Dalal, Sanjeev Kapoor, Gary Rhodes, Raymond Blanc, you name it we have it , or had it. But not Rachael. Would you say she is not globally translatable ?

What the heck, that won't stop me...who can resist an invitation to eat out all day?

Let's be reasonable though. $ 40= Rs 1700 or so. Could feed a family for a month on fairly good nutritious vegetarian food for that. So I pared it down to $4=Rs 176 which would be considered a careful budget for the day.

So is Rachael slumming or slimming or what? Somebody enlighten me!

Breakfast at Madhuban, Dhole Patil Road, Pune 1


1 Coconut Uttapam, made fresh, with a ground rice and kept overnight.With coconut and chilli chutney and sambar . "Too Good" as we say here.
1 cup hot canteen chai. i.e. boiled to tasty smithereens with a generous amount of milk and sugar. Rs 28

Lunch at Kings Restaurant,East Street, Pune 1


Chelo Kabab with buttered rice and roasted tomatoes. Parsi speciality cooked on Papeti , Parsi New Year, 21 August .
1 Sprite
Yum and more. Rs 75.

Dinner at roadside Sardar Tandoori stall on East Street . ( No pics too dark)

Strictly non veg. Half a tandoori chicken with 1 butter nan. Chicken made in a tandoori oven crafted out of an old tar barrel. Superb. ( Cats got fed too.) Rs 70.

Total Rs 183. 'Scusi , I went over the budget by about 10 Cents.

By the way it is the month of fasting here but as I heard someone who is in suffering it out say today...."One has to fill one's stomach somehow! "(with sago and potatoes and peanuts and other nice thingies allowed during fasts)