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What day is today????

BLOG Day 2005 !! What did you think that little clock on my side bar was jumping about in anticipation this last fortnight?

Nir Ofir an innovation evangelist (don't you like that term?) had the brilliant idea of introducing new blogs to each others individual blog worlds. I see it as a kind of welcome handshake to new entrants and a smart kick into the orbit of this wonderful world of communities , without national or international boundaries. Nobody need be a refugee , an exile or an outsider.

So here's introducing Steffles of Foodcraft based in Singapore who has lots of practical suggestions and likes cooking 'just about everything' but has a distinctly Asian flavour in her choice of ingredients and treatment. Nice!

And Ammani of Chai Pani who has some great recipes for Indian food as well as Perpective who writes Luvbites from Bangalore India. And finally Rums who writes on Indian food in Life and Food

Enjoy meeting them!

Eggs Maharani

When I found this recipe by Princess Hira Devi it was just crying to be made. I saw it all clearly in my minds eye, those perfectly coddled eggs, made for a perfectly coddled person, sitting daintily at breakfast, waiting to be served by a liveried bearer.

First things not attempt this unless you own a funnel small enough to fit a 1/8th " sized opening. You will find yourself shovelling beaten egg into an empty eggshell, with a salt spoon.

Secondly, read till the end to find out how commoners might attempt the same task.

Gavraan Eggs /Free range Eggs


  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp curry powder i.e. generic yellow masala sometimes known as Madras curry powder.
  • 1/8 tsp ginger powder
  • 1/8 sp mustard
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • Flour and water paste
  • 4 tblsp. butter
  • Dry breadcrumbs

Piercing eggs

Make holes at both ends of the eggs, using a sharp needle. (The way to do this is without force or you may end up with a smashed egg.. One end can have a pin sized hole and the other a larger hole.)

Mixing masalas and Eggs

Blow contents into a bowl (as you would when making easter eggs),and beat with seasonings.

Sealing eggs with flour paste

Close up small end of egg shell with flour and water paste and stand in egg cartons for 10 minutes to dry. (Sad experience tells me it takes closer to half an hour to dry well.)

Pour egg mixture back into eggs using a small funnel. Fill eggs 3/4 full. Dry the tops of the eggs (Very important!) and seal them with the flour and water paste. Let dry 10 minutes (ha ha), then lower into warm water. Simmer for 20 minutes on very low heat. When done, plunge into cold water and peel off paste

Final result

At the table, bring eggs in their shells, peel them. Heat butter in a chafing dish. (love that). Dip peeled eggs in crumbs and brown in butter. The eggs are served with mint tea.


Methinks the princess had forgotten some essential part of the recipe. I'm afraid that she never, actually, ever, cooked them herself .

She would have found, as I did, that the eggs do not remain in the shell. They slowly leak out of the holes at either end when 'gently lowered into warm water'. Not much is left at the end of 20 minutes.

On peeling they were a ghastly grey green and benefited much from a roll in the breadcrumbs and smelled slightly better after being browned in the butter.

BUT  they didn't taste bad. So I figure, the way to keep the maharani part but dispense with the slavery, would be to break six eggs into a bowl, mix in the ingredients well, fill them into poaching pans and cook till done .

Serve on a bed of browned breadcrumbs, moistened with melted butter or,  better still, hot buttered toast

Rachael Ray for a Day

This post is in response to Sarah's Dine and Dish #4 challenge hosted by Sam of Becks and Posh , reconstructed to allow for the exchange rate and lack of polka dotted bikini.

(Oopps the very first typo in the title...Rachael RAT for a day.With leptospirosis going around I guess its on ones mind. )

Now to tell you the absolute truth I have NO IDEA who RR is. Never seen her on TV and we have 70 channels. Seen Floyd, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Madhur Jaffrey, Julia Childs( reruns), some Aussie hare rama vegetarian cook (rather good) ,Yan , Tarla Dalal, Sanjeev Kapoor, Gary Rhodes, Raymond Blanc, you name it we have it , or had it. But not Rachael. Would you say she is not globally translatable ?

What the heck, that won't stop me...who can resist an invitation to eat out all day?

Let's be reasonable though. $ 40= Rs 1700 or so. Could feed a family for a month on fairly good nutritious vegetarian food for that. So I pared it down to $4=Rs 176 which would be considered a careful budget for the day.

So is Rachael slumming or slimming or what? Somebody enlighten me!

Breakfast at Madhuban, Dhole Patil Road, Pune 1


1 Coconut Uttapam, made fresh, with a ground rice and kept overnight.With coconut and chilli chutney and sambar . "Too Good" as we say here.
1 cup hot canteen chai. i.e. boiled to tasty smithereens with a generous amount of milk and sugar. Rs 28

Lunch at Kings Restaurant,East Street, Pune 1


Chelo Kabab with buttered rice and roasted tomatoes. Parsi speciality cooked on Papeti , Parsi New Year, 21 August .
1 Sprite
Yum and more. Rs 75.

Dinner at roadside Sardar Tandoori stall on East Street . ( No pics too dark)

Strictly non veg. Half a tandoori chicken with 1 butter nan. Chicken made in a tandoori oven crafted out of an old tar barrel. Superb. ( Cats got fed too.) Rs 70.

Total Rs 183. 'Scusi , I went over the budget by about 10 Cents.

By the way it is the month of fasting here but as I heard someone who is in suffering it out say today...."One has to fill one's stomach somehow! "(with sago and potatoes and peanuts and other nice thingies allowed during fasts)