Kabhi Khatta Kabhi Meetha- Mango Murabba
Luscious Lychee Tart

SBDP at the Ram Krishna


Where in the world can you get a full plate of Sev Batata Dahi Puri with all the trimmings, a beautifully served Dahi Khichadi, valet parking, attentive waiters, a clean large restaurant with plenty of elbow room and enough time to chat without a bill being presented every minute, all for the equivalent of 1 Euro for two.


Nowhere but at the Ram Krishna, opposite the West End on Moledina Road, Pune.

Once a family mansion with high ceilings it is now decorated in a wonderfully entertaining style.Something from Renaissance Hindu i.e. Ravi Verma's Radha and Krishna, painted on wood with the lustre of Rembrandt, to wrought iron grills out of Florence, etched glass windows a la Vienne, and murals of scenes in the style of Botticelli's Birth of Venus all set in the RK corral.


Despite the con-fusion of art influences in the decor, the food is generically Indian, albeit from different regions. Plenty of choice and all vegetarian.


The dahi khichadi was very tasty with a touch of kari patta, a couple of curd chillies and a dollop of ghee. As for my SBDP...suffice it to say I have never ordered anything else here. Just love it.