Joshi Vadewale
Organic Food Outlets and Resources in India-updated March 2012

Gol, Gol, Gola



Golas are all over the place now. Colourful redi gadi's (push carts), are visible on every street displaying tall bottles with jewel like juices waiting to be sprinkled over a lolly of crushed ice. The welcoming ring of the brass bell draws children out of their homes.


Is there a human heart that does not thrill to the herald of the ice lolly man ?

What an exquisite quandary to have to choose a flavour. Kala Khatta (made with black rock salt), Orange, Lemon, Mango, Pineapple, Gulab (Rose), Wala (Khus), Katchi Kairi. Forming_gola_1

And then to watch the ice being crushed into crystals and formed into a lolly around a split bamboo stick.


Then sprinkled liberally with the syrupy fruit squash of one's choice; to be sucked and drawn out with much relish, until the ice crystals have become compacted and colourless once again.


It would be great if sorbets ,(which is really French for Gola), could be offered in between courses at Indian restaurants with Indian flavours like kala khatta, katchi kairi , kokum or even paan. It would provide that touch of freshness to cleanse the palate of heavier flavours and prepare the tongue and taste buds for more to come.