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Whenever I walk through the old city I keep an eye out for the unusual. This has resulted in the acquisition of  a several old books ( enough to constuitute a collection) many of them cook books and household hints which were the bestsellers of the 19th century.


One of my favourites belonged to a Mr. Yeolikar of Sholapur Camp. Printed by Houlston and Sons, London in 1876  it gives a range of  classic tips from  'How to clean Embroidery and Gold lace' to 'A Good composition for covering buildings'.

I must share with you the following   "Indian method for Picalilly".

This consists of all kinds of pickles mixed and put into one large jar;gherkins, sliced cucumbers, button onions, cauliflowers, broken in pieces. Salt them, or put them in a large hair sieve in the sun to dry for three days, then scald them in vinegar a few minutes; when cold put them together. Cut a large white cabbage in quarters, with the outside leaves taken off and cut fine, salt it, and put it in the sun to dry for three or four days; then scald it in vinegar, the same as cauliflower, carrots, three parts, boiled in vinegar and a little bay salt. French beans, rack samphire, radish pods, and nasturtiums all go through the same process as gherkins, capsicums, &c.

To one gallon of vinegar put four ounces of ginger, bruised, two ounces of whole white pepper, two ounces of allspice, half an ounce of chillies, bruised, four ounces of turmeric, one pound of the best mustard, half a pound of shallots, one ounce of garlic, and half a pound of bay salt. The vinegar, spice, and other ingredients, except the mustard, must boil half an hour; then strain it into a pan, and put the mustard into a large basin, with a little vinegar; mix it quite fine and free from lumps, then add more; when well mixed, put it to the vinegar just strained off, and when quite cold put the pickles into a large pan, and the liquor over them; stir them repeatedly, so as to mix them all; finally, put them into a jar and tie them over first with a bladder, and afterwards with leather. The capsicums want no preparation.

What I love is the amounts suggested....enough for an army. They obviously did not believe in doing things in small measures in those days

Look out later on this blog for receipt No. 830 being a' Volatile Tincture of Assafoetida for Hysteric Affections &c'..

It sounds effective.