To market, to market....

Where can I buy "...." in Pune. The Incomplete Resource Guide to Ingredients for Cooking in Pune. Updated July 2013

Baking supplies:
                            Wholesale:Royal Agencies  1445 Shukarwar Peth, 24450723 Food Essences, Preservatives, Chopped fruit peel, Chocolate Chips,

Yogesh Agency
Shagun Chowk
Contact person: Mr Yogesh Tel: 9422305008
Whipping Cream, Cooking chocolate,Etc

Baking tins, Cookie sheets, Large sized cookware: Chandan   217/218 M.G. Road
Opp Compuciti, Pune 411001 Tel: 26342063

Largest supply of tins,forms, silicone moulds for baking and chocolate making. icing tools, Butter paper,greaseproof ,paper .i.e. baking parchment and much more.

Agarwal Glass  and Crockery, Bootee Street, Camp. 26051794.

Arife Lamoulde,

Home Store Amanora Mall, Near Magarpatta, Pune,Silcone baking sheets and muffin pans

Baking and Bread tins made to order:  Khan Tin Maker ,  392 Kolsa Gulli Tel: 26357112 Mob: 9422544554

The Best  Fresh Bread: Brown loaf, wholewheat rolls, Ragi Bread, Buns, Broon, Pau, Garlic rolls, Persian Bakery , Kolsa Gully, Off MG Road 

Breads:  Seven grain, Brown, oatmeal bread , Dorabjee Moledina Road, Cantonment Pune 1

Just Baked, DP Road, Pune 1

Biryani: Chicken, Mutton and Vegetable biryani Supreme Caterers, East Street Pune 1

Brown Rice- Dorabjee, Moledina Road Pune Cantonment.

Cheese: Dorabjee
Himalayan Asiago, a great substiutute for over priced Parmesan
Baramati, a good cheddar ( Also available at Chandan)

Huge variety of cheeses now available at Dorabjee. Also at Nature's Basket, Off Dhole Patil Road

Dhokla & Khandvi: The best and freshest - Bikaner, Main Street

Flours: Jowar, Ragi, Rajgira: Chandan at end of MG Road, Jog on F.C Road next to the British Council.

Fresh Biscuits and Cookies:Pigs ears, Jam tarts, Muffins,Plum cake, City Bakery, Main street,open 4-7 p.m. Persian Bakery Kolsa Gully, Off Main street,Pune 1 Open all day.

Fresh Coffee and coffee beans:   Dukens Coffee, 636 Raviwar Peth, Near Railway Booking office.24458459

Parsuram, Opposite KEM Hospital ,RastaPeth

Fresh Yeast: Chandan at the end of MG Road,Camp. They sell it in packs of 50 gm- 500 gm

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Health Juices: Wheat Grass, Neem, Bottle Gourd Bitter Gourd, Amla etc.
Nutro-Top Foods. Now home delivery as well. Mr Chole. nutrotop Tel: 9850035026, 9881473620,9881247120

Foreign Herbs Fresh: Trikaya Agriculture (Chives, Dill, Basil, Thyme, Sage, Sweet Marjoram, Rosemary) Shivaji Market, Pune 1. 2nd row from the back entrance.


Green Tokri   Tel:9763717960

Foreign Herbs Dried: Dorabjee, Chandan, Nature's Basket

Gourmet Foods: The Providore
 Fine Wines & Gourmet Groceries
 104 Anand Park, Aundh.
 Pune 411 007
+91 20 65 601 551 

Home Made Pickles and Masalas:

Kiran Anand
Address - A-12/404, Florida Estate, Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa, Pune-410036.

Resi - 020-26811628. Cell-+919764560445

Hot Samosas: Karachiwala, M.G Road Camp

Kerala Masalas and prawn pickle, meat masala, banana chips, other Malayali ingredients. Shivaji Market, Camp.

Kheema Samosas: Altafs Samosas, Corner of Gurdwara road and Saifee Street, Pune Camp

Lettuce, Salad greens (Rocket, Iceberg, Arugula,Romana, Oak Leaf,Butterhead )Fennel, and fresh herbs Basil, Parsley,Chives, Sage ,Thyme.

Green Tokri- Home delivery. Call 9763717960 or Jyotsna Apte at 9822011078 email:

Shivaji Market                   

Marathi Cookbooks: Appa Balwant Chowk.

Maharashtrian Goda Masala : Mohini Shahane- 26850230. Made fresh on order.

Mushroom papad, mushroom soup mix and Mushroom powder: Shakti Mushrooms:R K Kapare 159 Hadaspur Pune 28 Mob 9371044901

Organic Fruits, Vegetables, :

Offerings Farms


- Malabar spinach               
- Lemon grass              
- Aloe Vera                       
- Green papaya                  
- Pumpkin                          
- Fresh henna(mehendi) leaves:
- Hadga Flowers                 
- Lemons                           
- Mandukparni (Centella asiatica) leaves
- Celery                          
- Parsley                          
- Chinese cabbage (open leaf type)


Offerings Farms


Swasthya World

R 18 Vaibhavnagar Society,Near deodhar Hospital,Pimpri Pune 411017
Health Food, Organic Certified Wheat Grass Powder, Organic Food cereals, pulses, vegetable & fruits, Eco Friendly Home Care products 

Paper Towels, Paper Napkins, Foil, Ziplock bags ,  Party supplies: Wholesale rates Mehta & Co, Bootee Street, Camp

Pasta and Noodles, Seaweed : Natasha Mushrooms. Shop # 11.Shivaji Market, as you enter the left gate near the bangle sellers. Ingredients for  Italian, Thai, Chinese and other South Asian food products Tel:26345887 mob: 9823271250

Pasta, Lasagna and Canneloni Fresh, Flavoured oils and marinades: Amogh Prasad


Personal Chef: For parties upto 20 people. Amogh Prasad - 9970507904.

Pork chops, sausages, and Goan products-Golden Foods, Shop # 75, Shivaji Market pune 411001. Tel: 26350475

Vinegar, masalas, home made sausages, chorizo,bebinca, and much more

Sandwich spreads: Chicken Mayonnaise, Smoked Turkey, Oyster mushroom
Honey-Lime Mustard: All made fresh on order
Filomena Pawar
9371096703. (pls. do not sms)

Spring Roll Wrappers: Chandan, M.G. road

Tea: All types of tea as well as green tea. You can make your own blend. Regal Tea Depot, 1923 Blundell Road, Near Shivaji Market, Camp Tel 26340741

Tofu and Soya Milk: Chetran Foods Pvt Ltd

Ramtekdi Industrial Area, Hadapsar, Pune411028

Tel: 020-65221863, 020-26870180

Also makes Soya Spreads and Mayonnaise, Soya Bakes, Soya Burgers

Now delivers to Dorabjee, Reliance and several other retail stores.

Vinegar:  Godrej' Nature's Basket, DP Road Pune 411001 Apple cider vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar,Balsamic Vinegar

Wholesale Mushrooms,Frozen Peas, Frozen Corn, Paneer, Fresh cream,Tinned Coconut milk, and Good Dahi/Yogurt to set your own from: Goyal Dairy, Sachapir Street, Camp

Wine: Mayur Wines. Next to Bund Garden Bridge.

Dorabjee. Quite a range of Indian, South African and Australian  wines.

Please email me to add your own discoveries.

Shivaji Market


154638729_23eb56ec99 Entrance to Shivaji Market, Pune

Shivaji Market is a heritage building. This became known to the average citizen when some enthusiastic corporators in Pune wanted to tear it down, to build a modern market, in order to house more vendors.
It is situated in a very crowded area with narrow streets that do not allow for any parking. Part of its charm is the surprise, coming across a large building with high ceilings in a place you'd least expect.

Rear Entrance to Shivaji Market

There is nothing beautiful about it. With solid grey granite rocks heaped together in a Victorian Gothic 'Pune jail' style typical of public buildings in Maharashtra dating from the 19th century, its great saving is its stability.It looks like it will last forever.
A 5 by 5 foot space in the market would be worth a small fortune today.The allotment is passed down from generation to generation.The boy who sells dried fish on the outer square of the market says the small sales area he has was his "baba's' (grandfather's) a hundred years ago.
The vendors sit cross legged, high above the eye-level viewpoint of most of the shoppers. And their attitude is similiarly elevated; they are very uppity with people who find the vegetables overpriced. They dismiss all attempts to bargain by looking down their noses, literally and figuratively. One particularly intimidating woman of substantial girth sells the "foreign" vegetables, such as asparagus, zucchini, baby corn, pak choi, red and yellow peppers, zucchini and brussel sprouts. She also has a mobile made of bags of fresh basil, thyme and rosemary. Dripping gold and surrounded by her treasury of vegetables, she is royalty here.


Become a regular buyer, and many of them are friendly, in fact positively expansive, throwing in a potato or two above the balance of their scales.
Yet the problem is, as with all allotments here, that there are far more candidates for spaces than there is space.

Lemon vendor

Now the market itself is surrounded by more vendors outside than those inside, doing a brisk business in fruit and vegetables, catching buyers before they enter the building.
Altogether one gets a fair choice in vegetables, fish, fruit, chicken, mutton and beef.

Vegetable Stall

The central and largest area of the building is for vegetables,the outer ring for poultry and dried goods, with separate buildings for fresh fish, lamb and beef. There is a little shop for Irani and Parsi specialities, another for dairy and Jain foods,a third for rice, lentils and wheat, and finally at the exit a gaggle of bangle wallas. At one time and still today, a womans shopping wasn't complete without an wrist covered with bright and glistening glass bangles.

Built in 1885

When it was built in 1885, by Lt.Gen John Ross to a design by Gen Cecil D'Urban LaTouche and W.M Ducat it cost Rs 1,23,800.
Over the years, many of the vendors have become familiar faces; that, and the daily chit-chat, are some of the perks of living in a small town.(Yes,with a population of 3 million and still growing, Amche Pune is still a provincial, small town at heart)
As I was taking photographs, I asked the fruiterer at the entrance to smile. He said "yes" brightly but continued with his work seriously. "Smai-ile", I sung out, anticipating a warmer response. "Ye-es!" he returned, and kept stacking the apples with a dour mein. Again I said, "smile", encouraging him with one of my own, thinking he might not understand what I was saying. He turned to me, and, with a barely concealed chortle, affirmed: "Yes! I Ismail. "
We both burst out laughing together.

Another nice post about Shivaji Market by a fellow Puneite

To Market , To Market- EOMEOTE #13

Fast And Furious Eggs Sowari


This is an easy peasy recipe guaranteed to taste good and open to lots of little interpretations like the nursery rhyme:

To market, to market to buy a fat pig
Home again, Home again jiggety jig
To market ,to market to buy a fat hog,
Home again, home again jiggety jog,
To market , to market , no not a slog
(its)Eggs for Eomeote and my bliggety blog.

Eggs Sowari/ Pig Eggs- a very Indo Anglian dish well known among the khansamas of yore.


6 boiled eggs
1 tbsp ham, finely chopped
6 frankfurters chopped into 1/2" bits
2 tbsps butter
1/2 cup tomatoes, peeled and cooked.
1 cup white stock
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp chopped parsley or coriander
Juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup grated cheese
1 cup fresh breadcrumbs

Place the eggs, whole, in a baking dish. Make a sauce of the remaining ingredients, except the cheese and crumbs. Pour over the eggs. Mix the cheese and crumbs and cover the eggs.
Bake in a hot oven, about 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

P.S to peel tomatoes dunk in boiling hot water for a couple of minutes, then into ice cold water for a short while. The skin just slips off in a second.